Common Questions for Driving Test / Lessons 

Worried about your driving test or driving lessons? We have addressed most of the common questions that we get below.

When can I start lessons?

You can start when you are 17 but, due to waiting times, we would advise you to book a few weeks in advance this as this will secure a place for you.

Why choose a fast pass driving course?

When lessons are taken daily, more information is retained by the pupil, meaning no need for recaps and more progress made in a quicker time.

How many lessons will it take me pass my test?

This will depend on your previous driving experience. If you have been working on a farm driving a tractor etc or practice with friends and family you may need less. If you have driven before we will need to do a driver assessment on you.

What do I need on the day of the test?

You need to bring two parts of your license and your theory test certificate. If you don’t you will not be allowed to take your test.

How much does the practical test cost?

Weekdays £45.50, Evening and Weekend £62.50

How do I pay for lessons?

You can pay by cash on the day.

What happens if I can’t make a booked lesson?

As our slots are often booked well in advance, we expect our booked time to be paid for.

Do I need to have passed my theory test before having lessons?

You don’t need to have passed your theory test, but of course you should be studying for it and be familiar with the latest version of the Highway Code.